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Welcome to the Office of Examinations

The Examination Department oversees the administration of five (5) general examinations for the academic year. These include two (2) each semester (one midterm and one final examination) and one final examination during the summer session.

Every semester examination schedules are posted on all four (4) notice boards around the campus, three (3) in the academic building and one (1) in the administrative building as well as one on the school’s website. A preliminary schedule is posted and runs for about two weeks. During this period students are asked to check the schedule and report any clashes to the Examinations Officer.

Frequently Asked Questions


During the Mid Semester Examination, If my name does not appear on the list from the Record’s Office does this mean(a) I can’t sit the Mid Semester Exams (b) I have to discontinue attending classes even if I paid the fees owed after the list came out?

You will not be allowed to sit the Mid Semester Exams as the deadline for payments is passed. There will be no makeup exams; hence, you will receive zero for the Mid Semester Exams. However, once the fees owed are paid, the registrar will give you a written permission to continue classes which you should show to your lecturer(s) in order for you to be readmitted to classes.

If I miss a final exam because I misread or forgot the day and time of the exam, will I be allowed to sit that exam another day?

Students are responsible to read examination schedules carefully; that is, to make sure they read and remember the correct course day and time of their final exams. Failure to do so will result in receiving an “F” for the exam as they will not get the chance to do that exam. Consequently students must retake the particular course.

Will I be able to sit another exam if I am sick in bed, hospitalized or if an immediate family member of mine dies during the week of the final exam?

After the examination officer receives proof( medical certificate or death certificate) of your situation and you complete the necessary paperwork required from the Record’s Office, you will then be given an “I” (incomplete) grade for the course. You will be allowed to sit the next available final exam for that course which is usually at the end of the next semester in which that course is offered.

Can I at any time sit a final examination before the scheduled date?

This will be based on the reason for the request, for example, health or work issues. After consultation with both the examinations officer and the lecturer(s) you will be given a different final exam from the one prepared for the scheduled exam.


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