Admissions Frequently Asked Questions


What is meant by the term part-time versus full-time student (s)?

Students’ part-time or full-time status is determined by the number of courses they enroll in for any semester for which they are registered.  A student enrolled in four (4) or more classes is considered a full-time student.  A student enrolled in three (3) or fewer courses is considered part-time.  The time of day you attend classes does not determine full-time or part-time status.

What is the difference between applying for admission to the College and registration?

Applying for admission to the College is simply submitting the Admissions Application with the necessary supporting documents, and awaiting a response from the College regarding your acceptance.    Registration involves advisement for courses you may wish to enroll in as a new or returning student of The Bahamas Baptist University College.

Do the College Preparatory Courses have any credit value?

No, College Preparatory Courses do not have any credit value.

How will I know if I’ve been accepted into the College?

A representative from the Admissions Office will contact you via telephone to inform you when to collect your acceptance letter to the College.


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