Welcome Message


Dear Students:

It is my honor to welcome you to the Bahamas Baptist University College (BBUC) community of learners. BBUC (formerly BBCC) is a student-centered institution where every faculty and staff member is committed to your success.

The mission of The Bahamas Baptist University College is to provide cutting-edge educational opportunities within a Superior Learning environment that shepherds a diverse group of learners towards obtaining their academic, social, and emotional competencies. This solid foundation, coupled with the integration of transversal skills and sound values, have been the hallmark of BBUC’s effectiveness in preparing our students to become graduates who survive, thrive, and successfully navigate this increasingly complex world. The academic achievements of our graduates have continued to propel them into leading positions of note where they are making significant contributions as world citizens.

Our highly credentialed and experienced faculty and staff members are singularly focused on providing all our students with an outstanding learning experience. This is continuously supported by exceptional service across the entire college to assure your success throughout the duration of your program.

The Bahamas Baptist University College is proud to state that its programs are approved by The National Accreditation and Equivalency Council of The Bahamas (NAECOB). Additionally, it has membership with the following international bodies:

  • The Council of Higher Education Accreditation/Council on International Quality Group (CHEA/CIQG)
  • The Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U)
  • The Association of Caribbean Tertiary Institutions (ACTI).

The College has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding and an Articulation agreement with two leading international institutions (a) Florida Memorial University and (b) The University of North Alabama.

Having shared a few important highlights of the college, it is important to address the current environment in which we are operating. Undoubtedly COVID-19 has been a disrupter for you as it has been for everyone locally, nationally, and internationally. Nevertheless, you have persisted and demonstrated commitment to your educational advancement and BBUC sincerely commends you. As you begin your academic journey with us, you will pleasantly realize that your confidence in choosing us is well placed. We are extremely proud of our secure and robust delivery models comprising:

  • Our BBUCONLINE Learning Management System (LMS) through which both synchronous and Asynchronous programs are delivered.
  • The MOODLE online LMS, and naturally,
  • ZOOM, Google Meet, as well as other 2.0 web tools.

These content-delivery tools were deliberately chosen in line with our mission of ensuring that all our programs are easily and conveniently accessible to students, regardless of degree choice, time, or location, and to facilitate successful academic achievement. In addition, our immediate concern for the safety and security of everyone during this Pandemic period was paramount in our choice of these specific delivery modalities.

To help meet the above goals, our user-friendly website is arranged to provide you with links and directories for all the administrative and program resources necessary for taking your first step. These include: Advising, Appointments, Chat in real time, Document submission, Library, Online Application, Rapid Registration Services Portal, Registration, and Science Portal. In addition, our dedicated administrative staff will be available and ready to assist you should it be necessary.

Welcome to The Bahamas Baptist University College! We look forward to meeting you and sincerely wish for you a wonderful experience.

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Juliett V. Reid, Ed.D